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In the midst of an exstestensial crisis

Being spaced out isn't great. I wish I didn't feel it 90% of the time. I hate it so much but I can't help thinking about all sorts of 'weird and wonderful' questions, which I believe are a trigger of my general state of out-spaced-ness. It happens so randomly too. I'll be walking through the corridors all happy (as you can be in school) and then BAM!

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Manchester ~ 22.5.17

Today I am addressing a heavy subject... I'm pretty sure we've all heard the news. We all know that another horrific attack took place, in Manchester, on Monday night. If you haven't heard it yet here's what happened:  Police say suspected attacker 22-year-old Salman Abedi detonated a home-made bomb in the foyer of Manchester Arena… Continue reading Manchester ~ 22.5.17