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In the midst of an exstestensial crisis

Being spaced out isn't great. I wish I didn't feel it 90% of the time. I hate it so much but I can't help thinking about all sorts of 'weird and wonderful' questions, which I believe are a trigger of my general state of out-spaced-ness. It happens so randomly too. I'll be walking through the corridors all happy (as you can be in school) and then BAM!

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Oil collection 

Yes I am making a post about my oil collection. It sounds a little weird so I'm going to quickly explain- Recently I have really getting into facial/ body oils, so I decided to show you all. I'd heard people raving about oil and it's benefits before but I never thought it would actually be… Continue reading Oil collection 

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Deep questions

Today I'm going to be answering some deep and thoughtful questions because why not! Basically me and my friend were googling 'deep questions' in class the other day and the idea struck me that it might make a good post! So I got a list of questions online that I'm going to 'answer' with my opinions.Brace… Continue reading Deep questions

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Why everyone should be watching riverdale

Riverdale is hands down the best series I've ever watched. I've been quickly sucked into the fandom and for good reason! I'm going to make a list of all the reasons why I think everybody should be watching it. But firstly Heres a bit of background (taken from IMDb because they explained it better than… Continue reading Why everyone should be watching riverdale