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July playlist 2017

I've been listening to a ton of music this month and in June ( the month that I Missed – read this) As per usual I've got a list of new and old songs that I've had on repeat so I'm jut gonna get straight into it:

1. Unholy – hey violet

I absolutely loooove this song! Everything about it. The belts, the beat, the kind of anti climax chorus. And Rena Lovelis is an actual queen too.

2. It takes two – hairspray
I was kind of obsessed with musicals during June for some reason. One of my all time favourite musicals is hairspray because I saw it live when I was little and then proceeded to watch the film everyday for about a year. However one of the songs that wasn't featured in the movie was 'it takes two' so I started listening to it on Spotify and found that I really liked it!

3. Off she goes – bad suns

This song is beautiful. It's very light and melodic if that makes sense? I don't really have a ton to say apart from the fact that I love it.

4. Blood – my chemical romance

My chemical romance is a band that I will always love no matter how much my music taste changes. This song is a weirdly upbeat song Considering the lyrics. Probably why I love it. Bonus: they look super hot in the video.

5. Like lovers do – hey violet
Another gem by hey violet. I think I like this because of the kind of eerie music and lyrics. It has a kind of spooky feel to it which I really like.

6. Sex – the 1975

Forever one of my faves from the 1975. I think it was one of their first songs I heard and I instantly fell in love with it. Ever since then it's been on and off my various playlists.

7. Would you be so kind? – dodie clark

This has probably been in a list before but I just had to put it again because I learnt to play it on the ukulele this month! Now that I've learnt it I can't stop playing it which is probably why it's literally always stuck in my head.

8. House of wolves – my chemical romance
As mentioned before, my chemical romance will always have a special place in my heart. This is one of my favourite songs from the black parade album mainly because it's so badass.

9. Brainstorm – Arctic monkeys
Another totally badass song. Just everything about it is so cool like the guitars and lyrics. It's kind of a dancey song in a weird way.

10. In the middle – dodie clark
Another song from Dodie, naturally. I can't wait for her new ep to come out so I've just been binging on all her music and this absolute gem is a fave.

Leave your faves down below or leave suggestions because I'm always looking for new stuff!

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10 thoughts on “July playlist 2017

  1. I love Brainstorm and basically just that whole album!!! Also! Have you heard Cage The Elephant? They just released a new acoustic album a couple days ago!!!

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      1. It’s like an acoustic version of a bunch of their other songs, with a few covers thrown in too!!! I have to get around to writing about about the release!! …I just haven’t had much time. Hahahah.

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