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Oil collection 

Yes I am making a post about my oil collection. It sounds a little weird so I’m going to quickly explain-

Recently I have really getting into facial/ body oils, so I decided to show you all. I’d heard people raving about oil and it’s benefits before but I never thought it would actually be that great. Boy, was I wrong.

Now I’m obsessed. Most oils are multi purpose too so if you don’t necessarily want to put it on your face you can still use it for something else.

Here is my little collection:

1. Vitamin E oil

Purchased on amazon for £2.10 (10ml)

This one might be my favourite so far! I was a little skeptical of the low price before but I read through the reviews and they were all 4/5 stars, so I went ahead and bought it. 

It is amazing! I use it just after my moisturiser, applying just a tiny bit and it makes your skin feel so soft and smooth.

What is it good for?

under eye cream (strengthens and brightens the undereye area)


helps with healing of scars and stretch marks

2. Coconut oil

Purchased for £1.50 at super drug (150ml)

I was looking for a good coconut oil for a while and they seemed a little pricey on amazon so when I saw this tub in Superdrug, I picked it up straight away! Coconut oil is good for pretty much anything and the best part is that a little bit goes such a long way!

What is it good for?

hair mask

lip balm

makeup remover and moisturiser 

3. Argan oil

Free sample size ordered from
I ordered a sample of argan oil From the above website and I didn’t really think much of it. Honestly, I had forgotten about it as it took quite a while. I received an argan perfume, oil and night serum and I’m really excited to try them out.

What is it good for?

razor burns/ bumps 

hair mask or leave in conditioner 

night time moisturiser or toner
So that concludes my list! Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these or if you have any suggestions as to what I could add to my collection.

Thanks for reading 

IndieSongLyrics Xx 


8 thoughts on “Oil collection 

  1. i have coconut oil in my hair as i read this. glad someone is as interested in oils is i am! also, if you’re looking for more affordable coconut oil, go to your grocery store. as long as it’s virgin, then you’re all good. often times, brand just repackage coconut oil and remarket them as an oil targeted for cosmetic purposes and up the price A LOT, when in reality it’s essentially the same thing as the coconut oil you cook with lol

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  2. This was really interesting! I’ve never really used oil on my face or anywhere else, but I did once have an argon oil shampoo and it smelt amazing!

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